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Forbes Avenue and Atwood Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

⠀ It takes more than good luck to survive 30 years on city streets, just ask Marcus. His father was an alcoholic who was in and out of prison for beating Marcus's crack cocaine addicted mother in their public housing in Bedford Dwellings. Without a strong role model in his life and lead astray by the glorified gangster lifestyle portrayed in hip-hop rap music he turned to selling marijuana and heroin to fund his own drug abuse. ⠀ ⠀

Twenty years ago he had a dispute with a neighbor while he was living on Pittsburgh's North Side. The neighbor left but not before killing his pet dog. Marcus was crushed and reported it to Pittsburgh police and attempted to find his dog's murder with no success. Two years after the killing he saw the individual driving a truck on highway 376. He drove his car aggressively and forced the truck into the shoulder of the road. He was arrested for this action and it turned out the person he rammed just looked similar to his former neighbor. As he told me the story I couldn't help but feel how anger and hate can easily consume us. Marcus let his dog's murderer live rent free in his psyche for years. That is not healthy. ⠀ ⠀

Marcus turned to religion ten years ago which has helped anchor his otherwise turbulently heartbroken life and help stabilize his mental health. God rolls a dice and we are dealt a hand in life. I wonder if I would have been born into Marcus's situation how I would've fared. Marcus never found his dog's murderer. What he found instead was forgiveness. ⠀

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