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"Big Apple Magic"

Riverside Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States

⠀ During my early morning walk on Manhattan's Westside through Riverside Park am I witness to incredibly strong individuals. True independently resilient people. Individuals that have not slept indoors for over a decade. A thin draped cotton blanket caresses her sleeping body forming a thin barrier; the difference between frostbite and survival. A young woman, a magician's apprentice, laying on her back in a concealed box preparing to be sawed in half. The blanket covers the base of the stone bench making her body levitate. There is no magic in this tunnel today. The only illusion going on is that NYC's homeless program is working. I leave my half drunk Gatorade by her and whisper good luck.⠀

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~ A enthusiastic black ferret squeaks
Wow. Deep! Septogust 46, 2018 at 978.00 MDT

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You should upload higher resolution photos. Septogust 54, 2018 at 793.04 MDT

A persistent green human whispers
Cool man i Come from 4chan Maypril 15, 2019 at 883.56 MDT

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